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13:28 min. / 16 mm Film / 1995 (HD Version 2011) / produced in USA. Japan, Brazil & Switzerland

UNKO celebrates the anarchic, worthless and bizarre. It takes place in a child's nightmare when repulsion and fascination are still combined. A burlesque “catalog” of man-made animals, intentionally lacking in logic and order. A form of visual nonsense poetry, comedy of errors, swaying between being hilarious, mesmeric and frightening.




05:51 min. / 16 mm film / 1999 (HD version 2010) / produced In Switzerland


P explores a single theme: excrement. 

Babies, worms and flies guide us through a compilation of facts and theories approaching a theme often regarded as disgusting in a meaningful and pleasant way.  


04:00 min. / 16 mm film (DV) / 2003 / produced in Switzerland and Canada


Facts on farts.


An intimate introduction to the fine art of fart.


Starts and departs with a fart.


With great music from rears to ears.


05:51 / 16 mm / 1999 (HD version 2010) produced in Switzerland and Canada 


Cakes evoke in general only good feelings, while farts, some of the most common substances around, shock, repel and offend. But the consequence of a culinary dish is always a fart, it can not be repressed. This is shown in the film "S", sparking new realization and forcing the audience to acknowledge ignored sections of society.


4:04 min. / HD video / work in progress / produced in Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Japan, Canada, UK, France


Monthly photos taken during the last 40 years portraits four people. A relationship goes to pieces, a new one is made and a family gets started.


9:59 min. (short version 3:30 min.) / HD video / produce in Switzerland


The artist has been recording everything he ate since 1975. Pairing his food intake with his portrait suggests that what he ate makes who he is. All the mayonnaise he ate in 38 years weights more than he does. 


2 min. / 4K video / work in progress

Bodily fluids such as blood or mucus repulse and discomfort us in our most primal relation to the world. Behind the making of this disturbing work lies something more than a shallow desire to shock spectators and create controversy, it seeks to push further the boundaries of human psychology. After all, it’s one of the purposes of art to throw us out of our mental comfort zone.


5:11 min. / 16 mm / 1985 / produced in Switzerland

Five characters emerge from snow globes to discourse on the definition of art.

A Swiss without any relation to art is speechless, a bodybuilder shows his

muscles and makes an attempt to explain art and a blind artist finally bursts out

laughing as she realizes that art only exists as a definition.

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